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Are you looking abroad for affordable and accessible mommy makeover clinics? Cancun fits the bill. It is close by for Americans and Canadians and the prices are a lot less than you’ll pay at home.

How can a mommy makeover help you?

If your once-pert breasts, tummy and butt have gone south after pregnancies and childbirth –

and you have done what you could with diet and exercise, then it is time to consider surgery.

You can get perky breasts and a flat tummy back after a mommy makeover. If you don’t want to live the rest of your life with sagging breasts and a protruding tummy that make it necessary to wear support and shape garments if you want to look good. With highly-qualified surgeons who are very experienced in all aspects of this surgery, you will be in good hands in Cancun.

Why Choose Cancun?

Mexico’s Cancun is a well-developed holiday spot that has an excellent infrastructure. Used to catering to large numbers of tourists that flock to the resort from around the world, medical tourists will feel as equally looked after as traditional tourists.


Top mommy makeover clinics and surgeons will have you looking ship-shape in no time. But how do you find out who are the reliable clinics and surgeons? Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this apart from doing some legwork and researching online for every morsel of information you can find. Or, to make things easier you can check out the listings on Medical Departures. The clinics we list are all verified by us; the qualifications and credentials of the doctors checked by us and we also publish real patient reviews, before and after photos and prices. Among the high-quality mommy makeover clinics in Cancun are:

The cost of plastic surgery in Cancun is considerably less expensive than you’d pay at home. Take a look at the average price of a mommy makeover in Cancun compared to other countries:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Mommy Makeover Cost - at home







Mommy Makeover Cost – Cancun







Cancun for medical tourists

If you are planning on having a vacation then you should fit in your vacation activities before your surgery – and that includes lying on the beach and swimming. After surgery, you’ll really have to take things easy and be careful – getting sand into your wounds is not an option and neither is getting your wounds wet until the stitches are out.

As a mommy makeover combines several surgeries you will probably be stiff and bruised for several days to a week after surgery, and you’ll probably not feel up to much anyway. It is recommended you get on your feet as soon as you can after surgery, and moving about, no matter how limited, will speed your recovery.

You may not be jet ski-ing and climbing the steps of Chichen Itza but you can take gentle strolls around the town, perhaps in the evening once the sun has gone down and you want to venture out for something to eat. Don’t push yourself too hard and just remember that it will all be worth it.

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