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Medical tourism in Costa Rica is on the rise. Thousands of visitors from North America and Europe visit this country for healthcare services, mostly dental and cosmetic treatments. These tourists not only find Costa Rica cheaper for such services, but also for high-quality services and professionalism. One such example is San Jose’s Dr. Pablos Solis who for many years has been running a successful practice that offers both medical and cosmetic services.


Dr. Solis without a doubt runs one of the best clinics for plastic surgery in Costa Rica. In the following paragraphs, we assess the variety, quality, and prices of the services offered at this clinic. But first, let’s get some context.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a medical tourism destination for a long time, and in recent years the it has grown even faster. Also, industry onlookers say that Costa Rica has lots to offer to medical and dental tourists and the possibilities are increasing with each passing year. Tourists from the US and Canada can especially enjoy a vacation in this country and avail all kinds of low-cost medical and cosmetic services at Costa Rica’s excellent medical clinics.


The numbers show that medical tourism in Costa Rica is growing substantially. In 2015, the country received 70,000 medical tourists, which was a big jump from almost 45,000 in 2012. Costa Rica received around $485 million in medical tourism revenue by the end of 2016. The trend is growing, and it is surgeons like Dr. Solis who are playing an active part in attracting foreign patients.


About the Dr. Solis

When we talk about the best doctors and surgeons in Costa Rica, one of the best names is Dr. Pablos Solis. Costa Rica, as already mentioned, offers high-quality services and stellar professionalism, and Dr. Solis exemplifies these characteristics superbly.


There are several things that make him one of the finest surgeons in the country. To begin with, his credentials are quite impressive. He has completed a fellowship in plastic surgery at the Costa Rica School of Surgeons. In addition, he is associated with the Plastic Surgeons Society of Costa Rica.


Some people worry about the standard of healthcare in Costa Rica. Others perceive that since the prices are low, the quality of treatments will also be inferior as compared to standards in their own country.


However, Dr. Solis perfectly exemplifies that both these perceptions are unfounded. Here you have a qualified and registered surgeon who is as competent as any surgeon in your city. But that’s not all, for Dr. Pablo Solis, in Costa Rica, has years of experience performing plastic surgery on both local and international clients. This combination of skill and experience is what establishes his reputation both in Costa Rica and abroad. The prices are low because the operational costs and living expenses are lower as compared to in the US or Canada.


Currently, Dr. Solis is working with the CIMA hospital as well as the Catholic Hospital, both being state-of-the-art medical facilities in Costa Rica.

About the Clinic

Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Solis’ facility focuses on plastic surgery, offering cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients who want to enhance their beauty. Sometimes people want to enhance their beauty because they feel like doing so, while others want to remove defects caused by accidents or illness. So, for instance, some women may want to enlarge their breasts because they are not satisfied with their natural size, while other women may want to restore their natural size after a bout with breast cancer.


One of the many defining features of this clinic is that they emphasize a lot on the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Solis understands that when it comes to cosmetic treatments, each patient presents unique demands. That is why he focuses a lot on communication and trust so that goals and expectations of the procedure are clear to both the physician and patient.


This is largely due to the fact that Dr. Solis, like all doctors and medical staff in Costa Rica are fluent in English. Hence, there is no communication barrier when you sign up for cosmetic surgery at this clinic.


Another great feature of this clinic is that they use innovative techniques, such as microsurgery. Microsurgery is a technique used to restore physical function following trauma or disease.

Once again, this demonstrates that the procedures are of the same quality as you can expect in any western hospital. With these innovative techniques, the team at this clinic restores both aesthetics and function, meeting and exceeding the needs of the patient.


Cosmetic surgery treatments at this clinic include surgery for the tummy, buttocks, breasts, thighs, arms and back. This is also a great clinic to get a facial surgery like eyelid surgery or a facelift. Costa Rica is significantly cheaper than the US and Canada, which will be discussed in the next section.

Non-surgical treatments at the clinic include wrinkle correction treatments with autologous fat transfer, as well as dermal fillers and botulinum toxins.

Prices at the Clinic

In Costa Rica, plastic surgery is on average 50% to 75% cheaper than the US and Canada. Especially when you go for facelift, Costa Rica can save you more than 40% of your surgery costs.


Here is an overview of the prices at this clinic with American and Canadian prices in brackets:

  • Breast Augmentation: USD $4,000 and CAD $5,399 (USD $11,829 and CAD $15,966)

  • Facelift: USD $10,000 and CAD $13,498 (USD $18,033 and CAD $24,340)

  • Tummy Tuck: USD $5,300 and CAD $7,154 (USD $8,264 and CAD $11,154)

  • Botox: USD $151 and CAD $240 (USD $800 and CAD $1,080)

  • Liposuction: USD $3,700 and CAD $4,994 (USD $5,015 and CAD $6,769)


Tourism in Costa Rica

When you sign up for cosmetic treatments at the Pablo Solis, you are not just getting high-quality treatments at the lowest prices, but you are also getting a chance to vacation in Costa Rica. This country offers everything for tourists; it is a paradise for nature lovers offering forests, wildlife reserves, and tropical beaches.


Feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pablo Solis and get a personalized quote.

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