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Couples who want to experience the joy of parenthood but are unable to conceive naturally have the perfect solution in the form of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The success rate for the treatment has improved tremendously over the years and it is now more effective than ever. However, you still have to spend a considerable amount of money for IVF treatments. The average cost of IVF in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $16,000 (NZD $17,498). Hence, it is a better idea for you to seek affordable alternatives abroad. Luckily for you, one of the top IVF hospitals in Phuket offers the treatment at a much lower price.

Phuket, Thailand, has emerged as a major medical tourism destination over the years. The clinics in Phuket offer a wide range of cosmetic and medical treatments, including IVF. The great thing is that the cost of these procedures in Phuket is considerably lower than in Australia and New Zealand. For instance, the average cost of IVF in Phuket is around AUD $8,941 (NZD $9,778), which is over 40% less than the average price Down Under. What’s more, even the top IVF hospital in Phuket will offer you the treatment at a low price.

Why is IVF Priced Low in Phuket?

The main reason why the cost of IVF in Phuket is low is the low operating costs in Thailand. Moreover, there is a high level of competition amongst the clinics. A majority of the IVF clinics here cater primarily to patients from abroad. In an effort to attract more patients, they keep prices lower than what you have to spend back home. This, coupled with the low cost of living in Phuket as compared to Australia and New Zealand, means that you can get the treatment at a low price. You can enjoy considerable savings, which will help offset the cost of traveling and accommodation.

That said, you might still wonder how you can pick a reliable IVF hospital in Phuket before you leave home. This is where Medical Departures helps you.

The Importance of Research

Medical Departures is your one-stop portal for reviews of the top IVF clinics in Phuket. The website provides you all the information you need about the top clinics in the city, including pricing. For each clinic, you will find at least one IVF review. Phuket is home to many clinics that share reviews and feedback from past patients as a testament to the quality of their services. You can benefit from their experience at the hospital to make an informed decision. The great thing is you will find reviews for all the top clinics in the city. We use this information, alongside our other background checks, to provide an overall picture of each clinic, helping you to decide if it’s for you.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is an award-winning cosmetic treatment facility in Phuket. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments, including IVF. You undergo the procedure in a safe and relaxing environment. Despite the superior quality they offer, the Bangkok Hospital Phuket charges only AUD $8,887 (NZD $9,719) for IVF treatment.


Overall, you can see that heading to the top IVF hospital in Phuket for treatment can help you save money without compromising on your health and safety.

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