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Unfortunately, some of us are not able to conceive because of certain conditions. But modern medicine has made it possible to try different ways of conception and one of them is In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. Cancun may sound like a far-flung place to get IVF but the success rate may be something you want to look at. One factor that may contribute to the success of the procedure is that it provides a relaxing environment – and as stress is one of the issues that could affect fertility, being away from everyday tensions and worries could well prove to be very beneficial.

An in vitro fertilization treatment is a complex way of combining the eggs and the sperm outside its natural environment in a laboratory. Once an embryo forms, the mature egg will then be placed back into the uterus. It may not be suitable for your particular reproductive challenges, but your doctor will be able to let you know if it is.

It is normal for international patients to feel apprehensive about the procedure because of the stress they have to endure. However, when you read an IVF review there are stories of success that can give hope even to couples who have been through multiple attempts. Here is what Mimi, a patient at IREGA said: “Went in September after years of trying in Europe and States ...Staff is awesome especially coordinator, her name is Gisel , she is so patient, kind, helpful,...highly recommended, and yes I got pregnant after 7 years! Thanks to all great doctors, there!”


At Medical Departures, we make sure the IVF clinics in Cancun we recommend have been successful in their IVF treatments to many couples across the globe. Among the top 3 clinics are:

  1. Jose Eligo Gaytan Melicoff : This clinic has an outstanding success rate of around 90% in helping their patients get pregnant. The clinic deals with patients who cannot conceive naturally and patients who are having a hard time conceiving again.

  1. Irega : The clinic is located inside one of Mexico’s renowned hospitals, Galenia Hospital. The clinic will transform your dreams of being a parent into reality with their IVF-warranty: if you are unsuccessful the first time, the clinic will provide a second attempt for free.

  1. Fertility Clinic Americas : This infertility treatment clinic carefully assesses the needs and condition of the patient before starting the procedure. They understand that going abroad for the treatment can be very stressful that is why they have counselors that can make you feel confident about the treatment.

Treatments may be the same anywhere else but the price can greatly vary. The table shows just what the IVF cost is in Cancun, compared to other countries.


























Your dreams of having a family can come true with IVF. Cancun will never be the same place for you when you leave with your first or another addition to your family. Come to Cancun and make your dream become reality.

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