Tips for Preparing for a Breast Augmentation in Johor Bahru


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If you have decided to head to Johor Bahru in Malaysia for breast augmentation surgery , you need to know how to best prepare for your surgery. This will ensure it goes without a hitch, you get the optimum treatment and have the best possible stay. Here are some top tips from our local experts:

1: Do Your Research

Wherever you decide to have the surgery, doing full research beforehand is most important. Regardless of whether you are staying at home or going abroad, undertaking thorough research will never let you down. If you are going abroad, then you need to be even more thorough in researching locations as well as surgeons and clinics, as it is unlikely you can rely on recommendations from friends and family.

If you are finding it difficult to find a suitable clinic, Medical Departures can help. We background check all the clinics on our website, so you can be assured of their trustworthiness and reliability. Our checks include legal/criminal records, onsite visits and verification of doctor qualifications and professional memberships, such as the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS ). You will find specific information relating to each clinic and surgeon, along with patient reviews, clinic photos, maps and prices. For example, take a look at the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre in Johor Bahru to see how helpful and comprehensive our information is.


2: Essential Packing

The weather in Johor Bahru is warm all year round, so you should bring comfortable clothing. You will also need to pack comfortable, non-wired bras to wear after your surgery—with many patients finding front-fastening bras preferable. Essential clothing includes tops that are easy to put on or take off with button-down fronts, or tops you can step into and pull up.

Be sure to pack reading material, with E-Readers, iPad’s or similar devices more useful than heavy printed books. You might want to take some toiletries and adaptors, but remember that Johor Bahru has a range of shops and can sell everything you need. If you want to be sure, pack body wipes and dry soap, as they are lightweight and essential. Finally, don’t forget to stock your hotel fridge with drinks and snacks to keep you going immediately after surgery, although room service will no doubt be your saviour.

3: Travel Light

Using a lightweight case with wheels that is easy to manoeuvre is a must, particularly after surgery, as lifting is not advised. Take only the essentials, including a pair of comfortable flat sandals and/or pumps. As the weather is guaranteed to be warm, you only need light clothing that folds away to practically nothing, so this task is easy.

4: Be Prepared

Be sure to thoroughly research your surgery, and to have a good idea of how you would like your breasts to look after surgery, i.e. the shape and whether you want a natural look. You will also need to know what to expect after surgery—how long the downtime; dos and don’ts, and how long before you feel well enough to go out and about, as well as travel home.

5: Compare Prices but Don’t Always Go for the Cheapest Option

The prices in Johor Bahru are a lot less than at home, so you don’t need to choose the cheapest to make fantastic savings:



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UK £


US $

Breast Augmentation cost –







Breast Augmentation cost –

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The Bottom Line

A little preparation goes a long way. Choose Johor Bahru for your breast augmentation surgery to save money and prepare well to give yourself a head start on achieving your desired result.