What cosmetic clinic offers cheap prices in Pattaya?


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Southeastern Asia has become popular due to low prices and respectable quality. How much might a body lift cost? Pattaya, Thailand offers these surgeries up to half the cost you would find in western countries.

Though Southeastern Asia has a heavily growing cosmetic industry it’s easy to find cheap cosmetic work. Medical Departures is here to help you make the right choice in pointing you to one of the cheapest, most qualified cosmetic clinic in Pattaya.

Vplast Clinic Pattaya

Our number one clinic that we suggest to all our website subscribers and browsers is the Vplast Clinic in Pattaya. This clinical office offers reasonably priced deals on operations with accommodation that is second-to-none. In fact, Vplast Clinic has recently just cut the prices on surgeries to as much as ¼ of the previous cost.

Their prices for all cosmetic operations are extremely reasonable, especially considering that their facility has been remodeled and is fully equipped with the latest medical technologies.

Vplast Clinc will make you feel right at home with their newly remodeled office and outstanding view of the Pattaya coastal line. Our website also gives you information about their surgeons who may be operating on you to give a better idea of who they are and what qualifications they have.


Below are a couple procedure price examples from Vplast Clinic versus western procedure price:

Body Lift: USD 3,500 | EUR 3,108 | CAD 4,567 | AUD 4,633 | NZD 4,843

Western Price: USD 25,170 | EUR 22,160 | CAD 32,560 | AUD 33,035 | NZD 34,530

Breast Lift: USD 2,910 | EUR 2,560 | CAD 3,770 | AUD 3,820 | NZD

Western Price: USD 12,060 | EUR 10,620 | CAD 15,600 | AUD 15,830 | NZD 16,550

Facelift: USD 2,720 | EUR 2,395 | CAD 3,535 | AUD 3,580 | NZD 3,740

Western Price: USD 18,210 | EUR 16,045 | CAD 23,685 | AUD 23,960 | NZD 25,039

Lip Augmentation: USD 880 | EUR 777 | CAD 1,140 | AUD 1,160 | NZD 1,210

Western Price: USD 2,705 | EUR 2,385 | CAD 3,500 | AUD 3,550 | NZD 3,715

All the above prices are valued in accordance, including the body lift cost. Pattaya is slowly but surely becoming one of Thailand’s premier destinations in regard to cosmetic services. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.