What Different Chemical Peel Treatments Are Available in Bangkok


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Chemical peels are great for turning back the clock and rejuvenating your face. Since our face is the first indication of age, treatments such as chemical peels are very popular. With the best chemical peel treatment Bangkok has to offer, you can quite literally peel off signs of aging from your face. And save some good money while doing it. Let’s look at some chemical peel treatments available in Bangkok.

Mild and Medium Chemical Peels

In a mild chemical peel, the treatment begins with cleansing your skin. After this the solution is applied and left on for a few minutes. You might feel a slight burning/tingling sensation. A cold compress is then used to wash off and neutralize the solution.

Mild chemical peels create some redness and stinging that will go away after a couple of days. In the few weeks that follow, you will also see some skin shredding and crusting. It’s best that you avoid the sun for 1.5 to 2 months following the peel to make sure your new skin remains healthy. There’s no down time in mild peel but a medium peel usually requires a week of recovery.

Deep Chemical Peels

The method for deep chemical peels is similar to the mild peel, the main differences are the solution used for the peel, and the use of a general anesthetic. Deep chemical peels are always done in surgical conditions. Once the procedure is completed, gauze and/or ointment might be applied.

Recovery from a deep chemical peel can be up to 2 weeks. You are also likely to feel more discomfort right after the procedure for several days. Redness, swelling, skin crusting and peeling are also to be expected All in all, it can take up to 3 months before your skin looks great again. But it’s worth it in that the amazing results of a deep peel can last for 10 years!

Chemical Peel Cost – Bangkok

So, how much can you save on a chemical peel in Bangkok ? Here’s the cost comparison for different strengths of the peel:

Mild Chemical Peel

Cost in Australia: AUD $270

Cost in New Zealand: NZD $300

Cost in Bangkok: AUD $66 / NZD $69

Deep Chemical Peel

Cost in Australia: AUD $3,000

Cost in New Zealand: NZD $3,300

Cost in Bangkok: AUD $1,500 / NZD $1,660

So you can save quite a bit on a chemical peel treatment in Bangkok. While it may not make sense for you to travel to Bangkok especially for a mild peel, you can certainly get it done while you’re already visiting the city. As for deep chemical peel you can combine the treatment with a vacation so even if the discount covers the airfare, you can use it towards a nice little vacation, relaxing and recovering in Bangkok.

The best way to make the most of the low chemical peels cost in Bangkok you saw above is to visit the best clinic in Bangkok. The Beauté Equilibrée Medical Spa and BEQ Clinic is a perfect example of a place where you can get the finest chemical peel treatment in Bangkok at a great price.


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