Where is a Top Breast Revision Hospital In Bangkok, Thailand?


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So, why should you want to do this in Thailand, rather than at home? The main reason is the cost, because such a procedure in your home country will be somewhat expensive ($10,500 in the USA, £8,000 in the UK or AUD 14,000 in Australia).

However, medical tourism has opened up opportunities to go abroad and undergo treatments at a fraction of the cost applicable at home. Thailand features highly in this regard. Obviously, should you decide to take this route, you will want full assurance that the clinic and its procedures will be every bit as good as you would expect at home. Hence, you will be searching for a top breast revision hospital in Bangkok . This is where Medical Departures comes to your assistance by surveying and vetting a host of clinics world wide – not only to find the best prices but to assess the quality of the facilities and services provided. The aim is to only recommend clinics and hospitals that guarantee to be equal or better than those you would find at home. In addition, only clinics whose main staff are all proficient in the English language can be listed.


One such Bangkok facility is the Medical Departures’ verified Vejthani Hospital who offer a range of breast procedures. Should you be uncertain as to which procedure would be best for you; you can discuss what you need with the on line customer service team at Medical Departures. Most procedures have scientific medical names that only doctors understand. Breast augmentation to enlarge them, or breast reduction to make them smaller, are fairly clear in meaning. Likewise breast lift and breast implants. But aren’t these the same as enhancement and revision? Enhancement can be used to describe any of them but breast revision does have a more specific meaning.

At a breast revision hospital, the surgeons will be removing an earlier implant that requires correction. This may be because of complications, or because the earlier implant needs to be changed to a different size or type. At Vejthani Hospital, breast revision costs from US$3,672 to $6,496 a saving of some 35 to 43 percent when compared to the price you might pay at home (the savings are basically pro-rata across major currencies).

Breast Revision Before And After Requirements

For the best results, you do need to be in good health before having the procedure and anything you can do beforehand to help your body heal after surgery will be beneficial, for example, eating healthily, giving up smoking etc. To get the best out of your Thai visit, you should plan its more strenuous aspects for before the procedure.

Afterwards, you may be tender for a few days so a quiet relaxation at your hotel’s poolside may be in order before flying home. Many people return to work after a week but you will need to avoid heavy lifting and stretching for about 6 weeks.

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