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What is eyebrow lift surgery?

Brow lift, or forehead lift as it is also known, is the procedure to reduce the appearance of sagging eyelids, wrinkled forehead and frown lines. The procedure is done under general anesthesia where an incision is placed at the hairline. The skin and forehead is contoured to give a toned appearance. Before you are considered for any type of surgery, you will have a consultation with the medical staff and you will need to inform the surgeon about your health status and habits. If you are a suitable candidate, the surgeon will take you through the procedure, pre and post operative care and potential side effects.

Cost of eye lift surgery?

The cost may be as high as USD 6,747(AUD 8,944, NZD 9,595, CAD 9,107, GBP 5,268, EUR 6,291) in a Western country, but an eyebrow lift cost in Thailand comes in, on average, around 50% lower.


The best eye brow lift surgeons in Thailand?

Dr Darin Moungthai is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon located in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a member of the The Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand and The Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand. Dr. Darin is associated with the Sib clinic chain which is located at multiple locations around Bangkok. Cost of brow lift surgery is around USD 2,000(AUD 2,651, NZD 2,844, CAD 2,700, GBP 1,562, EUR 1,865).

Dr Sanguan Kunaporn with 35 years of experience is renowned among the community of cosmetic surgeons. Undoubtedly he is one of the top cosmetic surgeon in Thailand. His skills and experiences have made a success out of the majority of surgeries. He is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Eyebrow lift surgery will cost around USD 3,500(AUD 4,639, NZD 4,977, CAD 4,724, GBP 2,733, EUR 3,263) Dr. Sanguan is associated with Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute.

While you are on our website, we insist you to check out what our clients have to say about the procedure at the eye brow lift review page. Eye brow lift before and after pictures show significant changes and will motivate you to finalize your decision to get the surgery in Thailand.

Our clients never have to worry about the reputation of the clinics or about eyebrow lift surgeons. Thailand is one of the best places where you can get the surgery and relax in the beauty of the landscape: the fantastic white, sandy beaches and numerous tropical islands. Get in touch with our Customer care team to find out more, or to book an appointment with a top-quality Thai surgeon for an eye brow lift.

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