Why Cabo is the Perfect Place to Recover from Breast Implants


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Round breast implants are the most common implants that women choose. They’re softer and better proportioned and have lesser visible implant rippling. All these qualities translate into a more natural appearance, position and movement of your breasts.

It Feels Great to Know You’ve Saved Thousands of Dollars

The round breast implant price in Cabo San Lucas is much lower than what you have to pay in the US or Canada. Check out the cost comparison to see how much you can save:

Average breast implant price in the US: USD $11,500

Average breast implant price in Canada: CAD $14,500

Average breast implant price in Cabo San Lucas: USD $4,300 / CAD $5,400

So you can enjoy a 64% discount just by crossing the border! Why are the prices so low? There are 3 main reasons for that:


  • Lower operating costs

  • Lower cost of living

  • High competition among the clinics

For the best clinics we offer reliable and useful information including round breast implant before and after photos. Cabo San Lucas’ top clinics can be found right here on Medical Departures.

In Cabo San Lucas You’re Not Just a Patient, You’re a Tourist

After undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, you need some time to recover which can take weeks. You will feel the most discomfort right after the procedure, but you will better in a few hours. Cabo Sab Lucas is a beautiful resort city that can serve as the perfect destination to relax after a surgery. Here you’re not just a patient, but a tourist. It’s not called medical tourism for nothing!

Even the staff at the best clinics such as Saint Luke’s Medical Center treat with you the warmth and hospitality that’s conducive for a stress-free recovery. You probably won’t find this experience back home, even if you get the best surgery (for much more money of course). Your surgeon will also tell you the do’s and don’ts of a speedy recovery from breast augmentation.

Recover in Privacy

In addition to the peaceful and stress-free recovery that Cabo San Lucas offers, you also enjoy more privacy. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather meet your friends, family, and coworkers again once you’re better healed after the breast implant surgery? Here you can recover in peace, far away from prying eyes and inquisitive heads.

Enjoy a Wonderful Vacation

As long as you avoid strenuous activities, enjoying a nice vacation in Cabo San Lucas is a nice way to recover from the implant surgery. You’ll have to avoid swimming and alcohol during your recovery so don’t forget that there are many amazing restaurants in Cabo San Lucas as well. It’s not just beaches and bars. The whole point of a vacation is to get refreshed and rejuvenated. So you will surely benefit from a vacation as you recover.

Are you ready to start your medical holiday, enjoy the amazing round breast implant price Cabo San Lucas has to offer and recover in a beautiful, peaceful environment?

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