Why have Liposuction in Thailand?


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Do you have unsightly fat that you are dying to get rid of? Exercise and diet are not enough for some people and, for others, they may simply not have the time. Let’s face it, in 2017, who has enough time to spend hours in the gym? For many people, liposuction provides the solution that they’re looking for. However, it comes at a cost and can be an expensive undertaking, putting the procedure out of reach for many. Help is at hand, however, as cosmetic procedures such as liposuction are infinitely more affordable in Thailand compared to domestic prices. In fact, in Thailand, liposuction could literally save you thousands of dollars!

Why should I go to Thailand?

There are many reasons why a trip to Thailand is worth your time. For starters, it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, bringing in over 32 million foreign guests a year. People come to Thailand from all over the world to take in the sites such as ancient temples, sandy beaches, towering waterfalls, and the lush jungles. But that is not the only thing bringing people into the country. Every year, hundreds of people head over to Thailand to take advantage of their low rates for cosmetic surgery. In Thailand , liposuction costs are more than 60% lower than in western countries.


What are the best places to for liposuction in Thailand?

Thailand offers its visitors many excellent choices for clinics where liposuction is available. Take a look below to see our top 5 recommended clinics in Thailand :

  • Yanhee Hospital – Established in 1984, Yanhee is one of the most respected hospitals in Asia for a wide range of plastic surgery procedures. They have treated patients from over 169 different countries and have an astonishing 75% of their patients being repeat customers or those recommended through word of mouth.

  • Samitivej Hospital – Samitivej is an award winning hospital located in the heart of Bangkok. Their staff is highly skilled and well trained, offering a number of cosmetic procedures. In addition, the doctors and nurses are all bilingual in English and Thai, and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Nirunda Cellport Clinic – Founded in 2007 by a group of internationally trained doctors, Nirunda Cellport offers patients a world-class plastic surgery clinic. Striving to give patients the most natural look possible, they offer patients a long list of available cosmetic options. Their doctors and nurses are all experienced in working with foreigners and are ready to give you the best experience possible.

  • Kamol Hospital – This internationally renowned aesthetic surgery hospital offers its patients only the most modern and technologically advanced cosmetic surgery procedures. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Kamol hospital employs the finest plastic surgeons trained to perform a large variety of treatments.

  • KTOP Clinic – KTOP is the first overseas branch of the world famous Korean Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital. Providing only the latest and most advanced cosmetic procedures, and located in downtown Bangkok, KTOP’s team of experienced surgeons and nurses are ready to take on whatever cosmetic procedure you require.

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