Why Manila should be on your shortlist for breast augmentation


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Did you know that Manila is one of the cheapest places in the world for breast augmentation surgery? Manila prices for augmentation are 72% cheaper on average than in Europe, America or Australia. The savings are epic.

Because it’s cheap

As we already mentioned above, the breast augmentation cost Manila offers is dramatically cheaper than in the West. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about medical treatments, food, drink, hotels or anything else, because Manila is such a cheap place to live or holiday. When you want to find the most affordable breast augmentation surgery Manila has to offer, here is an example of the prices you can expect to pay in the Philippines for your breast augmentation: US $ 3,700 (CAN $4,615; UK £2,842; Euro €3,194; Aus $4,643; NZ $4,921), compared to the prices in the US $ 11,500 (CAN $14,363; UK £8,721; Euro €9,806; Aus $16,500; NZ $17,411).

It’s a great city to visit

Manila is literally one of the most popular cities in SE-Asia for holidaymakers. With hot temperatures all year round that very rarely go below 30 degrees, you can come and have the best breast augmentation surgery Manila has, while enjoying the warmth and having a memorable holiday getaway. Come and explore some of Manila’s most popular attractions such as the Manila Ocean Park, Rizal Park, SM Mall of Asia, Fort Santiago and much more. Combining a holiday with medical treatments should ensure Manila goes on your list.

There are lot of world-class clinics

Did you know that the breast augmentation clinics in Manila are some of the best in the world in terms of value for money? Not only do they offer some of the cheapest prices you will find, but also perform to high international levels. As most Filipinos speak English, this means that your communication with the clinic’s staff will be very simple, which is always a major factor when visiting SE-Asia for a medical vacation.

If you want to find some highly recommended breast augmentation clinics in the Philippines for your treatments, we would strongly suggest these establishments:

Kosmed Anti-Aging Aesthetic Clinic

Beaufaces Cosmetic Surgery Center

Apple Peel Facial Care Spa

More international patients than ever before are visiting places such as the Philippines for their medical and cosmetic treatments. The days of staying at home in the USA, Europe or Australia and purchasing overpriced procedures are over. Manila is a great place to visit because you can literally have a great time in the warmth, while finding affordable clinics that operate to the highest standards you would expect from a clinic back at home while paying less than half the price.

When it comes to viable destinations for your breast augmentation surgery, Manila in the Philippines should be right at the top of your list for combining quality and price into an unbeatable deal.

David De Los Santos

David De Los Santos has a master's degree in Psychology in Organizational Development and is currently writing for both Dental and Medical Departures.
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