You Can Visit Mexico for Botox and Be Back Home the Same Day


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Tired of looking at Crow’s feet, wrinkles or forehead lines? Considering travelling across the border for non-invasive cosmetic treatment? Save up to 40% on botox prices in Mexico with Medical Departures.


Combine a memorable trip with a quality-approved surgeon for a first-class medical experience. With medical tourism on the rise, thousands of Americans and Canadians are already benefiting from top-quality, cost-effective medical services in Mexico.


Steeped in Mayan history, powdery-white beaches, ancient ruins and catering to some 35 million leisure and business travelers every year, it is no wonder Mexico is also popular with medical tourists. Increasingly, leisure travelers are building a morning or afternoon’s worth of treatment into their vacation, offsetting holiday expenses with the savings gained.


Why Choose Mexico for Botox Treatment?


Mexico’s burgeoning medical tourism sector has seen an influx of American and Canadian patients seeking out high-quality, cost-effective cosmetic care. Convenience and price are main motivators, with medical patients paying a fraction of what it would cost at home. As botox is a quick procedure with no recovery time, it has become one of most popular aesthetic treatments for medical travelers.


Over the past 20 years, Mexican clinics have undergone major developments in patient care facilities and instrumentation; all our quality-checked clinics in Mexico boast cutting-edge technology, English-speaking staff and modern interiors, ensuring a safe and seamless experience.


Our best clinics boast world-class service and clinical protocols, with the same instrumentation and materials you would find at home. For example, Jenny Bracamontes Blanco in Guadalajara offers fully-equipped operating rooms, recovery suites, with a staff of 40 certified, bilingual surgeons and medical staff.


Clinics in Mexico—Synopsis


Finding and booking the right for your botox treatment can be confusing and time-consuming. Let Medical Departures do the hard work so you don’t have to. All our Mexican clinics are background-checked, ensuring your peace of mind. We vet everything in detail, from doctor qualifications and hygiene to clinical quality, medical association memberships and accreditations.


Browse before you reserve. Check out our extensive clinic listings, virtual clinic tours, images and more. Notable botox Mexico clinics include Juan Gordillo , Maurice Aceves and Dr. Allan Ceballos Pressler.


What Is the Price of Botox Compared to Home?


Save up to 20% on botox treatment compared to the US and Canada:


  • Botox (per 20 units) in the US: $320

  • Average botox price (per 20 units unit) in Mexico: $200


Why Choose Mexico?


One of the most popular global medical tourism destinations, Mexico combines a perfect melange of ancient culture with high-quality, affordable cosmetic surgery.


Bordering Belize and Guatemala, it is accessible from many major American and Canadian cities, taking less than six hours by air. Discover palm-filled beaches, lush terrain, bustling cities, fiestas and UNESCO heritage sites.


From Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast to Cancún on the Yucatán Peninsula to bustling commercial centers like Monterrey and Tijuana, you won’t lack for a choice of destinations depending upon your travel preference and budget.


Adventure-seekers can find endless activities such as surfing, hiking in Oaxaca and snorkelling beneath the Caribbean Sea, whilst explorers can discover Teotihuacán’s towering pyramids and the Mayan temples of Palenque. City dwellers will be enchanted by the endless historical, cultural, shopping and culinary offerings in Mexico City or Guadalajara.


Visit top-class museums and galleries recounting the country's fascinating history or savor Mexico's extraordinary gastronomic repertoire such as Yucatán's cochinita pibil.


Where to Stay in Mexico


Accommodation options are plentiful throughout Mexico , suiting any discerning wallet, featuring numerous highly-reputable hotels, boutique resorts, family-friendly venues and budget-friendly hostels. You will find reputable, well-established cosmetic treatment clinics in nearly every town in Mexico. Use our convenient search tool to choose a destination, compare quality and prices of area clinics .


How Do I Book?


Find and book the ideal botox clinic in Mexico with Medical Departures.

Check out our listings

and search for the perfect location for your medical travel trip. See below for ways to get in touch, or speak to our Customer Care Team for any questions about cosmetic and aesthetic treatment in Mexico.

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