Butt Lift in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Tijuana

Transform your saggy rear at a reasonable price with a butt lift in Tijuana. Our shapes change as we get older, and even if you haven’t gained or lost weight, you may notice that your once pert derriere is heading south.

A butt lift can help you regain a youthful profile so you’ll look peachy in jeans again.

Am I suitable for a butt lit?

Sagging, loose and flabby skin can be corrected with a butt lift. However, the procedure removes excess skin, tightens and lifts the buttocks, but it doesn’t add volume. If you want a fuller, more rounded posterior a la Kim Kardashian then you will have to look at a butt implant procedure too.

Why should I travel to Tijuana for a butt lift?

Tijuana is an accessible destination for medical tourists – especially those from North America – its position on the US-Mexico border offering a handy location whether driving in or flying in.

Thousands of medical tourists come to Tijuana every year. It has world-class hospitals and clinics that adhere to international hygiene and safety standards and medical teams who have the qualifications, training and expertise to perform the specialist cosmetic surgery that is now deemed commonplace.

Visitors from the southern United States have always been frequent visitors to this part of Mexico – coming for cheap nights out, as well as for discounted shopping. For some medical tourists, familiarity is a bonus, plus the fact that long-haul travel is not involved, which for someone pushed for time may be another factor for choosing to have their butt lifts in Tijuana.

The prices are also a major reason for traveling to Tijuana, with most patients saving at least 50% on the cost of their surgery here than if they’d stayed at home. The cost is not the whole reason patients choose Tijuana – quality is usually uppermost in their minds once they have decided on Tijuana for their surgery.

We make it our business to provide patients with the information they need to judge quality. Obviously, when traveling abroad for surgery your usual way of checking things out just isn’t practical. You can’t visit clinics beforehand – so we publish virtual video tours and high-definition clinic photos. Recommendations from friends and families in the neighborhood is unlikely – so we publish real patient reviews. You can't see the doctor’s certificates hanging on the wall – so we verify qualifications, registrations and affiliations and publish them on our website. We also take it upon ourselves to do onsite visits to our clinics, and if we aren’t happy about any aspect, we don’t partner with them and their listing will not appear on our site.

How long does a butt lift procedure take, and what’s involved in the surgery?

The procedure takes between 3 and 6 hours, and depends upon how much fat and skin is removed.

There are a number of techniques that can be used, determined by what is best for you, and your surgeon’s particular preferences. Incisions may be made under or at the top of the buttocks, the groin or hips so that tissue and loose skin can be removed, after which the remaining skin will be pulled tight toward the incision and the wound stitched closed.

What is the recovery time after a butt lift?

Post-operatively you may have drains inserted to allow fluid to drain from the site and you will need to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling.

You will need 2 to 3 weeks of recovery time before you can fully take part in your normal activities and you will find it more comfortable to lie on your stomach, rather than sit, until the tenderness has dissipated.

It will take a number of months before you are fully healed.

How much do butt lifts in Tijuana cost, compared to the United States or Canada?

In Tijuana, butt lifts cost around $3,500, compared to $8,000 in the United States.

What now?

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