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You Should Consider Heading to Bangkok for Botox

Botox (brand name for Botulinum Toxin) is a highly popular skin treatment for both men and women. This neurotoxin is diluted and injected with the purpose of freezing the muscle nerves so they can’t contract and create wrinkles. Botox injections are usually administered to remove or avoid wrinkles on the face and forehead (i.e. cosmetic purposes), but it is also used to treat various health problems, such as chronic migraine. But from where do you get botox treatments? Is it really that expensive? In this article, we we talk about why you should consider going to Bangkok for botox.

Botox in Bangkok: An Overview

When you are at a licensed and accredited clinic in Bangkok, you will be shown into an examining room almost immediately (more on this below). The doctor will clean the area to be treated with botox or filler using an alcohol-soaked cloth. Remember that your doctor will determine whether you need botox or fillers. This also depends on the lines and wrinkles on your skin. The expertise you receive is just as thorough in Bangkok. Botox jaw refining treatments for problem areas, like jowls, is also available.


The actual treatment hardly takes a minute. You will feel the tinge and pressure after getting injected and you will be asked not to lie down for a couple of hours. That’s about it. After that, you will continue to feel some pressure in the injected area for several weeks, but you will notice a much improvement appearance. The average Botox or filler is good for 3 to 6 months, just like it would be at home, after which you will need to get a top-up.

Reasons for Bangkok Botox Recommendation

So why are we recommending Bangkok for botox? Here are a few reasons why:

Botox Treatments in Bangkok are Safe and Professional

Thailand’s plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are well trained, and you will get safe and professional treatment, unlike what some people might have you believe. There are several doctors in Thailand who have received some or all of their training in the US or Europe. Of course, you will still need to find a reputed and licensed clinic. Thankfully, you can do this easily by reading a good Bangkok botox blog.

Bangkok Clinics Have an English-Speaking Staff

Another reason for a botox Bangkok recommendation is that in most clinics the staff can communicate with you in English, making communication easier for overseas patients from Australia and New Zealand such as yourself. Not to mention that Thai people are known for their hospitality, and you will especially experience this in the clinics of Bangkok.

No Waiting Time

When you visit a good clinic at Bangkok, you will be shown into an examination room almost immediately after you arrive. There are usually no long waits, giving you enough time for both treatment and a vacation. It takes 30 minutes on average for a patient to walk in and out of a clinic when getting botox in Bangkok.

The Cost Factor

We’ve saved the biggest for the last - botox treatment is quite affordable in Bangkok, and Medical Departures often has Bangkok botox promotions that you can avail, as well as guaranteeing the best prices around . You are getting the same level of treatment as you would get in your home country, but cheaper. You can expect to save up to 17% on each botox unit as compared to Australian prices. And based on the number of units your doctor will give you, the savings will increase. This the primary reason why so many people choose Bangkok botox.

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