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The idea of traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery is not as scary today as it once was , as more people know people who have boarded a flight to other countries and gone under the knife with successful results. Another push factor is the rising cost of cosmetic procedures in first-world countries; these two new trends combine with the low prices to attract many more from Australia and New Zealand to travel to places like Seoul, South Korea to undergo cosmetic treatments.

The cost of these treatments can also come as a surprise, as many people are not aware that the fees for a breast enlargement procedure in Seoul are much lower than Down Under. In Australia and New Zealand, the average cost of breast enlargement procedure is AUD $16,500 (NZD $18,115), whereas, you would spend half that amount on the breast enlargement procedure in Seoul, with the average price around AUD $8,765 (NZD $9,623). While the difference in cost reasons enough for you to book a flight and opt for the cheap breast enlargement Seoul offers , here is a look at some other reasons why you will feel at home getting your breast enlargement in Seoul:


Experienced Surgeons

Seoul is one of the world’s centers for quality plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. The surgeons practicing in Seoul’s top facilities are all certified with the best credentials and are highly experienced. Many received their education and training abroad, or in elite Korean medical schools, which puts them on par with the top surgeons and doctors around the world. Their experience and expertise ensure they understand the ins and outs of the breast enlargement procedure, so in Seoul, you can be confident you will receive the best treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

World-Class Clinics and Hospitals

The best clinics and hospitals in Seoul are equipped with state of the art technologies and innovative practices (surgical as well as non-invasive). These world-class establishments offer all the amenities you could need as a medical tourist, including assistance for getting to and from the clinics, English speaking staff and assistance on booking accommodation. The best part is that despite being on a level with the top clinics in Australia and New Zealand, these clinics keep prices low. Here is an overview of some of the most popular clinics in Seoul:

Beautiful Destination

Seoul has been dubbed the ‘plastic surgery capital of the world,’ and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. People from around the world vacation there or travel to Seoul for business, so when you opt for breast enlargement in Seoul, you have the opportunity to explore the best of what it has to offer during your downtime. Post-surgery, when recovering from the procedure you can enjoy a short stay in Seoul or nearby resorts.

What’s Next?

Seoul is a modern first-world city that provides a safe tourism haven, and full of easily accessible clinics, particularly in the famed Gangnam District. If you have selected a clinic, you can book your appointment online with us, or if you have any questions or concerns, our Customer Care Team is here to help you.


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