How Chiang Mai clinics can help you get your breast augmentation


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Located in Thailand this city is away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and is a more laid-back place. Thailand has a tourist friendly policy and encourages medical tourists that are lured by its high quality clinics and hospitals offering all kinds of medical and cosmetic procedures at an inexpensive rate.

Breast augmentation via implants

If you are generally thin all over, you may have small breasts as well. Or you may have small boobs due to genes, hormonal problems, weight loss or other factors. In such a situation if you want a more filled out chest, implant surgery is a viable option. After the surgery you will have bigger breasts and also a cleavage that you may want to show off. Going through breast augmentation before and after photos in Chiang Mai will give you a clearer picture of the results you can expect after the surgery.

Along with your plastic surgeon you can decide on whether you want tear drop or round implants, silicone or saline ones, and which size and brand you and your doctor prefer. During the surgery, incisions are made and a pocket formed to hold the implants. These are then placed and the incisions are sutured. Breast augmentation surgery is performed under anesthesia and most likely you will be able to go back to your hotel shortly after the surgery, once the affects of anesthesia wear off. If you have not finished having your babies and breast feeding them, make sure your doctor knows that may want to do so in future, so the implant placement is made accordingly without affecting your breast feeding capabilities.


Which are the top breast augmentation clinics in Chiang Mai?

When you look at Medical Departures’ website you can see numerous clinics in different parts of the globe. All these have been checked by us for quality of amenities and treatment. We also carry out background checks on the doctors and offer the best price guarantee. Among the top clinics for breast augmentation in Chiang Mai are:

DIAA Aesthetic Clinic – the clinic has highly experienced doctors and aestheticians and you can get all kinds of boob jobs here including breast augmentation.

Rose Clinic Chiang Mai – the clinic has modern amenities and uses state of the art technologies to deliver results of the kind that you want. It also offers all kinds of cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments.

What is the cost breast augmentation in Chiang Mai?

In western countries this breast augmentation surgery would cost around AUD15,300 (NZD16,620, £8,897, €10,556, US$11,500, CAD15,777). In Chiang Mai you would pay AUD6,650 (NZD7,225, £3,868, €4,590 US$5,000, CAD6,860) for this surgery.

You save significantly despite the cost of travel, stay, food, entertainment and other expenses. Rates will vary, depending on the size, brand and kind of implants used.

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