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Liposuction is not a weight loss alternative, but rather a method to isolate fatty areas and remove the fat tissue through a suction technique. However, some of the programs out there never give the desired results, and it is time to decide on a fat-removal plan that will help you flatten small flabby regions in the body instantaneously. This is where patients need assistance liposuction clinics. Chiang Mai clinics set the standard for effective treatments.

Chiang Mai is the ideal destination for the procedure because the surgery is offered inexpensively to international patients and the quality of medical care is renowned. The country has more JCI accredited facilities than any of its neighbors. Here are some of its liposuction clinics that our staff at Medical Departures have checked and recommend.

Rose clinic Chiangmai use state of the art equipment in all their medical procedures. They also specialize in a unique procedure, stem cells are a patented technique where cells are harvested from the patient and used for regeneration and rejuvenation.

The clinic specializes in aesthetic surgeries like breast augmentation, reduction, lift, liposuction, facial contouring and many other procedures. The clinic also offers minimally invasive procedures like botox, fillers, laser resurfacing and other dermatological processes.

The Machita clinic provides a range of cosmetic and beauty treatments. These procedures are designed to assist patients in improving their appearance and self-image. Procedures are performed in accordance to current international standards of care. The procedures offered by the clinic are filler injections, rhinoplasty, Botox treatments, laser skin repair, laser hair removal, facials and peels and skin rejuvenation treatments.


However, a common problem that people face is that liposuction is expensive. Here are the liposuction prices in three different currencies showing how much the procedure cost in other countries.








$ 8,600.00

$ 8,951.00

$ 6,000.00


$ 2,966.00

$ 3,087.00

$ 2,250.00


Here is a liposuction review written by one of the patients, Richard Stoll. He quoted;

“I highly recommend the Machita Clinic and Dr. Boonma's skillful work. I've had a lot of experience in the medical field and have seen lots of good, bad and ugly. Dr. Boonma and staff are definitely first rate.”

What is involved in this procedure? There are a number of techniques for breaking up the fat cells during the liposuction procedure by ultrasound or by injecting a solution straight into the fat to break it down. After a successful procedure and the treated area has been bandaged and stitched, you’ll be advised to wear elastic compression clothing to reduce swelling and to speed up recovery. Nevertheless, just like most plastic surgeries, it might take about six months for a liposuction patient to see some noticeable results achieved by liposuction, Before and after pictures and videos may be the perfect tools to visually demonstrate how the procedure work and what results is obtained by other patients.

If you have done your research, contacted us at Medical Departures, and have decided that a liposuction is worth a try, then you should consider the Thailand liposuction clinics, Chiang Mai has the answer hosting thousands of medical tourists every year.

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