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Cosmetic surgery in Cancun is big business, with thousands of US and Canadian citizens travelling across the border into Mexico each year to take advantage of the superior medical care that is readily available, but at a fraction of the prices being charged back home.

Cancun is a fantastic destination for a holiday, with its beaches, sunshine, ecology, beautiful landscapes and great climate. Add the outstanding, reasonably priced medical facilities equipped with the latest state of the art technologies, and you have a winning formula for a thriving medical tourism industry.

Who is a Medical Tourist?

Broadly speaking, a medical tourist is somebody who travels overseas with the specific intent of undergoing a medical procedure. This may be necessary in instances when the treatment is not available in their own country. It could also be due to the finer quality facilities and medical care compared to back home. The most common reason, however, is the price.

By crossing over the border, you are likely to save over 60% on the price of your cosmetic surgery. Cancun doctors hold the same qualifications as their US counterparts, meaning that the only thing you will sacrifice at a Mexican hospital is the expense. For example:

  • A Breast Enlargement in Cancun costs around USD $4,000 (CAD $4,970, AUD $4,993, NZD $5,488, GBP £2,882, EUR €3,262), compared to USD $10,000 (CAD $12,427, AUD $12,484, NZD $13,723, GBP £7,206, EUR €8,157) in the United States – a saving of 60%.

  • Eye Bag Removal in Cancun costs USD $2,500 (CAD $3,109, AUD $3,123, NZD $3,432, GBP £1,802, EUR €2,042), as opposed to USD $6,000 (CAD $7,464, AUD $7,497, NZD $8,238, GBP £4,325, EUR €4,901) in the US – a saving of 58%.

  • Facelifts in Cancun can cost as little as USD $4,500 (CAD $5,592, AUD $5,618, NZD $6,176, GBP £3,242, EUR €3,670), compared to USD $12,500 (CAD $15,534, AUD $15,607, NZD $17,159, GBP £9,007, EUR €10,195) in the United States – an impressive saving of 64%.


Which are the top Cosmetic Surgery Providers in Cancun?

At Medical Departures, we have compiled an exclusive list of quality-checked cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals in Cancun . That includes, but is not limited to, the following highly-regarded providers:

Oneline Beauty Clinic is a private beauty and health care center that offers an innovative approach to facial and body treatments in a spa-like environment. Their team of dedicated experts utilize the latest non-invasive techniques to deliver superior results in facial rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments, body care, nutrition, diet, and weight loss.

Dr Sergio Verboonen is a specialist bariatric and weight loss surgeon. He is one of the most highly skilled and experienced doctors in his field, offering superior treatments that include Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Band, Gastric Bypass Surgery and Intragastric Balloons.

Dr Jorge Elgio Gaytán Melicoff’s Fertility Center has a 90% success record in helping patients to become pregnant. Using only the latest in assisted-reproduction technology and medical equipment, their treatments include In Vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI), cryopreservation (egg freezing) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

To get the very best cosmetic surgery in Cancun, contact a member of our Customer Care Team and start planning your medical vacation today.

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