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A mommy makeover is an essential surgical procedure for all mothers seeking to regain their physical appearance after childbirth. However, in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the procedure, though readily available, is not always affordable. As such, a lot of women travel to Thailand for their mommy makeovers, not only because Thailand mommy makeover prices are incredibly low compared to the international market, but also because Thailand has quickly emerged as a top destination in the medical tourism industry.


How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in Thailand?

The cost of a mommy makeover varies according to several factors. In a typical mommy makeover, you have a tummy tuck, a breast procedure, and liposuction of the arms/thighs. However, according to each woman, not all procedures might be needed, or some more might be more essential than others. As such, the cost of a mommy makeover will vary from woman to woman. Moreover, different clinics offer a wide variety of different options, all of which work out considerably cheaper than the prices on offer in Australia and New Zealand.


The Australia and New Zealand average price for a mommy makeover is AUD $16,941 (NZD $18,175). But when you undergo the same procedure at one of the quality clinics in Thailand , the price is considerably cheaper. The Yanhee Hospital is a state-of-art plastic surgery facility in Thailand, and there, a mommy makeover would cost AUD $10,805 - $15,396 (NZD $11,592 - $16,518). At the Samitivej Hospital , the price range lies between AUD $13,004 - $15,358 (NZD $13,951 - $16,477) according to the specific procedures included in your mommy makeover. If you opt for the Nirunda Cellport , mommy makeovers prices can start as low as AUD $14,201 (NZD $15,235). At the Kamol Hospital , mommy makeover prices cost around AUD $11,865 (NZD $12,730). Finally, the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute , which is one of the premium plastic surgery centers in the country, quotes mommy makeovers starting at AUD $13,506 (NZD $14,490).


How Can I save on my Mommy Makeover in Thailand?

Working with Medical Departures guarantees you the best Thailand mommy makeover prices. With Medical Departures, it is cheaper to have your mommy makeover done in Thailand because costs such as labor (including doctors, anesthetists, workforce fees), premise rental, overheads, administrative fees and fees associated with the use of surgical facilities are cheaper. That is why on average, Medical Departures patients save 70% of the total cost they would otherwise pay in their home countries. Moreover, unlike other companies, Medical Departures do not charge any fees to you, and the Thailand mommy makeover prices you will pay are made directly to the clinic or hospital of your choice.

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