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Are you in the market to improve your appearance with breast augmentation? Here is a handy guide of providers to choose from -- complete with testimonials and before and after photos! Check out the following summaries of some of our most popular providers, complete with patient testimonials. This is the definitive breast augmentation, Phuket before and after guide:

Option One: Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Offering exceptional cosmetic services at affordable prices, Bangkok Hospital Phuket is accredited by the Joint Commission of International Accreditation (JCI USA) and Hospital Accreditation (HA). In addition, Bangkok Hospital Phuket has received recognition for its outstanding quality of work with the reception of the Asian Hospital Management Awards (2012-2014), The Thailand Tourism Awards (2010), and Superbrands Thailand Award (2003). 

To help Western and other foreign patients, the Hospital staff provides assistance in coordination with embassies for visa purposes, interpretation services in multiple languages, transportation service, and others.


“They organized everything… I did my research and heard it was a fantastic hospital. It was amazing, mind-blowing. I felt very calm the whole time I’ve been here. The nurses have been wonderful. It’s better here than in New Zealand, it’s very clean and hygienic.”

-Lauren, Auckland, NZ

Option Two: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute has long been a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality breast augmentation work, featuring a top-class team of plastic surgeons, management, healthcare providers and medical staff.

All 11 plastic surgeons speak fluent English, board registered, highly respected, fully qualified and internationally recognized as leaders in their particular disciplines. All surgeons are ready to conduct your breast augmentation with thousands of hours of experience on their hands.

PPSI has long been established as a top destination for all cosmetic and plastic surgery operations, providing trusted service to its clients.

“I would like to thank the PPSI and hospital for providing me an opportunity for us to make the journey to physical change at an affordable price. The service you provide is of a great standard. I will highly recommend my experience to my friends and family back in Australia.”

-Diane, Australia

Option 3: Radiant Medical Phuket

With its beautiful, immaculate facilities from the exterior to the operating rooms, Radiant Medical Phuke t offers breast augmentation procedures in a warm, welcoming environment. With Western-educated, English-speaking surgeons, the clinic caters to foreign clients seeking the best possible care.

Radiant Medical Phuket comes highly recommended with endless praise from satisfied customers. The hospital prides itself in providing the highest quality of work possible. As with the previous two facilities, staff is available to assist with all kinds of logistical concerns.

With all of this recognition and testimonial from patients, Radiant Medical Phuket is an ideal choice for your breast augmentation.

"I own Destiny Meditravel a Medical Tourism agency based in Australia. I have been sending all our clients to Radiant Medical in Phuket for past 6 years for their non-surgical rejuvenation and skin treatments. The results and customer service they receive has been amazing, not to mention the cost. I personally had the Ultherapy treatment combined with facial threads in February 2013 and have been pleased with the results."

-Melanie Mount Gambier, Australia

We hope this breast augmentation in Phuket, before and after guide helps! Please contact Medical Departures today for booking information at a top hospital for breast augmentation in Phuket today!

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