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At Ram Hospital, Chiang Mai, Check Up is Efficient and Affordable

Most people become medical tourists because of the high healthcare costs in their country. Others are willing to bear these high costs because they have the mistaken notion that medical tourism is inconvenient, unreliable, and of low quality. But this is simply not true when it comes to the many great hospitals in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, and it’s not surgery or medical procedures that tourists visit, they also come for medical check-ups to ensure they can maintain their good health, and take action if anything is untoward. A notable name here is the Ram Hospital, which is JCI certified. At the Ram Hospital, Chiang Mai, check up is highly convenient, safe, and reliable.

Getting a Check Up Abroad: Is It Worth It?

Price is the main reason why people are willing to fly from countries like Australia and New Zealand to Chiang Mai, Ram Hospital. MRI prices here will be way cheaper than what you’re paying back home. And if you have insurance, then a medical examination may not cost anything. That’s a good reason to fly out to Chiang Mai Ram Hospital - and a Check-up here will also go more smoothly here thanks to the very short wait times.

Firstly, if you are planning to vacation in Thailand, you can schedule your annual medical check up to fit in with your plans. This will help you combine your annual medical tests with your holiday trip, thus saving you both time and money.

Secondly, top hospitals in Thailand (like the Ram Hospital) do not keep their patients waiting for long. Compared to countries like Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK, the waiting time at the Ram Hospital is almost nil. Even if you are flying to Thailand for another procedure (such as breast enlargement), you can easily add in your check up as well and possibly get both things done on the same day.

Thirdly and finally, medical plans of all major insurance companies can be availed in Thailand as well. This means that even if your MRI and other physical tests are covered by insurance, you can still get them in Chiang Mai free of charge while enjoying a serene Thai vacation.
You can also take advantage of the different medical check-up packages available that concentrate on specific areas you may be concerned with, such as anti-aging.

Easy Booking Online

You can easily book your medical check up at the Ram Hospital online. You can even use the internet to read reviews of previous patients to get an overview about the services of this hospital. With any luck, you can even sign-up for a check up after you arrive in Chiang Mai and the hospital will make some immediate arrangements.

Experience Thai Healthcare At Its Finest

The Ram Hospital is an amazing 13-floor building with 350 rooms for patients. For your convenience, the hospital employs several ‘Foreign Liaison Officers’. They speak fluent English and can accompany you around the hospital in case you need guidance on procedures and treatment. The hospital’s bilingual staff makes the entire process much smoother.
In other words, when you are at the Ram Hospital (Chiang Mai), check up is more than just a physical examination to check your blood sugar and cholestrol etc. It is also a way of experiencing Thai healthcare at its finest.