What is the price of health screening in Bangkok?


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If you are going to Bangkok, health screening prices are so low that you may want to get a comprehensive health check up while you are there.

Hold that thought, because medical care in Bangkok equals the best in the world. With numerous high end hospitals and a growing influx of medical tourists, the city is popular among people from all over the globe for the holiday options and the affordable medical care available.

Top hospitals in Bangkok offer high quality health screening packages

The top hospitals in Bangkok have amenities that rival the best in the world, offer luxurious surroundings and are manned by trained and professional staff. This is important because you are going to spend a few hours in the facility before you learn how your health is doing. In Bangkok, health screening prices are low, so you should not feel that you are going to be shortchanged in terms of the quality of care.


  • Piyavate Hospital in Bangkok is more than 20 years old, so has a wealth of experience. It offers a wide range of treatments and surgeries, both medical and cosmetic, and is spread over several floors. All medical testing and health screening is carried out on its premises and you can opt for one of the many health screening packages. These are in the price range of AU$167-968 (NZD178-1,034, £95-556, €111-644, US$124-723, CAD168-977).

  • Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit Branch) is part of the Samitvej group of hospitals and provides a high standard of care and treatment at affordable rates. It is an award winning hospital and is also JCI accredited. Additionally it has a Life Center that can provide advice on disease prevention more than cure. The health screening packages here come at an average price of AU$394 (NZD421, £226, €262, US$294, CAD397).

  • Paolo Hospital offers top of the line surgical and medical facilities and is a multi-specialty hospital offering all round medical care including dental and esthetic surgeries and treatments. It uses the latest in the state of the art technologies to take care of their patients. Health screening packages here cost an average of AU$623 (NZD669, £359, €416, US$468, CAD632).

  • RSU Healthcare offers all kinds of services and facilities in modern surroundings. Its doctors focus on advanced integrated health and medical care using new approaches and technologies. You can opt for health screening packages at this medical center where it will be in a range of AU$125-374 (NZD133-399, £71-214, €83-249, US$93-279, CAD126-377).

  • Phyathai 1 Hospital is part of the Phyathai group of hospitals. This is a compact hospital, but has all the required medical departments and performs different kinds of surgeries, cosmetic treatments and esthetic surgeries. It sees a large number of international patients from different parts of the globe. Here health screening packages are in the price range of AU$244-844 (NZD260-901, £140-485 €162-561, US$182-631, CAD246-852).

Don’t think twice about Bangkok health screening prices as they are readily affordable. Think about the cost to your health if you don’t get health screening done. So book now with Medical Departures for your comprehensive health check up.

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