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If you run a search on Bangkok medical check up reviews you will get consistent results regarding the quality of check ups, the amenities at the hospitals and the positive experiences of people who have had their medical check ups in Bangkok.

Why go for a medical check up in Bangkok?

Most people don’t like to go to a doctor unless absolutely necessary. If you are among them, you may avoid going for even routine medical check ups unless your company pays for them, and in this case they are usually mandatory. However, if you are a responsible adult, you need to take care of your health for your own sake and for the sake of your loved ones. Keep in mind that many diseases and disorders do not even have any symptoms and are known as silent killers.

High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorders, coronary heart disease, arterial plaque and even some cancers may not cause any problems until they are in an advanced stage. Additionally many diseases have common symptoms and without the relevant tests, even doctors will not be able to tell if you have or do not have something.


A comprehensive medical check up will be a preventative measure and enable you to be proactive about your own health. However, such check ups in your own country will be quite expensive and may be unaffordable – you may even consider them to be a waste of money. In Bangkok, the checks up are reasonably priced and so affordable – which is all the more reason to get them done.

Hospitals providing medical check ups in Bangkok

If you search best medical check up reviews in Bangkok, you will see that the major medical centers all offer different packages for medical check ups. These include a physical exam, blood test, imaging tests, dental check up, eye check up and a host of other tests, depending on the package you select. You can opt to test for nutritional deficiencies, allergies, cancer markers and other specialized tests or just get a basic and routine check up done.

Among the hospitals providing these check ups in Bangkok are

All these hospitals have excellent amenities, are manned by English speaking doctors and offer interpreter services for people from non-English speaking countries as well.

They use the latest devices and technology including advanced machines for the latest in diagnostic tests. You can check the best medical check up reviews before deciding on the hospital and the package. After the tests you will also get a one-on- one consultation with a doctor for advice to treat any suspicious findings that may show up in the tests.

The price for these tests ranges from AU$125-968 (NZD133-1,034, £71-556, €83-644, US$93-723, CAD126-977). This is a wide range as some advanced blood and diagnostic tests are extremely expensive.

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