Is It Possible to do IVF in Bangkok?


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Thailand has become a very popular destination for medical tourism all around the world. As part of the many treatment services that offered in Bangkok, IVF is one of the common reasons why people from all over the world travel to Bangkok, Thailand. Not only does the country provide IVF services at high quality standard, but it also offers excellence in care, variety of options and effectiveness in cost.


Is IVF Right for Me?

Also known as In Vitro Fertilization, IVF in a generic term for a wide variety of medical procedures in which an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside of the body (in a tube), and later on implanted in the uterus of the recipient mother.


In contrast to “In Vivo” fertilization (which occurs inside of the body), “In Vitro” fertilization occurs inside of a test tube (outside of the body).

There are many reasons why couples decide to undergo IVF. These includes but are not limited to female reproductive tract anomalies that would preclude the intended mother from bearing a child, advanced maternal age, infertility (male pattern or female pattern), recurrent pregnancy loss or even genetic anomalies.


Irrespective of what your reason to undergo IVF treatment is, discussion with your home obstetrician/gynecologist and your partner are crucial steps needed prior to making that decision. Once you are certain that you want to undergo IVF treatment, pick your destination and look into Bangkok. IVF treatment clinics are abundant, and Bangkok IVF center reviews would help you to select the clinic that matches your preferences.

Where Can I do IVF in Thailand?


One of the many reasons why people love to travel to Bangkok for IVF treatment is the fact that it offers a wide variety of options in terms of physicians and clinics.


For instance, at Medical Departures, we work with more than 200 clinics and more than 800 certified physicians who are all experienced in their specific fields and dedicated to the provision of excellent patient care. Some of our top medical hospitals for IVF include the Vejthani Hospital, the Piyavate International Hospital and the Phyathai International 2 Hospital.

What Is the Cost of IVF in Thailand?

On average, the cost of IVF in Thailand is almost 50% of what you’d pay in Australia for the same procedure. In Thailand, IVF costs around AUD 7,000 ( NZD 7,500) compared to AUD 16,000 (NZD 17,200).


In Bangkok, IVF treatment is diversified and offered at multiple specialty clinics and hospitals. Contact Medical Departures today to benefit from excellent medical services and reduce your Bangkok IVF cost. Our friendly and approachable Customer Care team are always on-hand to talk you through the options with regard to suitable clinics, as well as to help out on other matters, including hotel recommendations and available all-in packages.

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