Is the chin augmentation cost in Thailand reasonable?


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Do you wish you could do something about your chin which is not very prominent and is in fact receding? If price is a major consideration then for affordable chin augmentation cost, Thailand is a great destination. With high-quality medical facilities in amazing holiday destinations at low prices, Thailand fits the bill for a holiday combined with cosmetic surgery. You can get a more attractive chin that balances the rest of your facial features with this procedure.

Tell me more about the chin augmentation cost

If you are traveling a fair distance, you are obviously concerned that you should save money and not be in a situation where the other expenses are so high that you really don’t save any money. Rest assured, that unless you are absolutely splurging on luxurious travel (traveling first class for example) and stay, you will save money – and this does not mean that you don’t stay in a nice hotel. The cost of living in Thailand is low, so you pay less for everything.

In Thailand chin augmentation cost is around AUD 1,235 (NZD1,288, £725, €827, US$938, CAD1,217). This is much less than the rates prevailing where you stay. You may pay around AUD 9,087 (NZD9,480 £5,337, €6,089, US$6,905, CAD8,955) in your home country for similar work. So you save significantly by going to Thailand.

What about the chin augmentation clinics and doctors – will I get the quality of care that I expect?

You will be surprised at the excellent amenities and ambience at the hospitals and clinics. These compare favorably with those available internationally. As for the chin augmentation doctors, they are highly qualified, experienced and many have affiliations with international boards. Overall Thailand has 51 JCI accredited and certified medical facilities in different parts of the country.

You can go through our Thailand chin augmentation reviews and chin augmentation before and after images and then decide where to go to. Among the high quality medical centres are:

Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre – established in 2007, the centre is housed in a modern building in central Bangkok and offers all kinds of surgical and cosmetic treatments.

Yanhee Hospital – this multi-specialty hospital was started in 1984 in Bangkok and caters to local and international patients who come for all kinds of medical and cosmetic procedures.


Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute – this is a one-stop shop for all aesthetic treatments and surgeries, and is located in Phuket, inside the Phuket International Hospital.

Samitivej Hospital – this popular hospital located in Bangkok uses state of the art technology for diagnosis and treatment. It has a number of highly trained and experienced doctors and plastic surgeons on board.

Phyathai 2 – located in Bangkok, this is a huge 550 bed medical facility that offers all kinds of medical and cosmetic procedures and treatments including neurological, heart, cancer and, of course, plastic surgeries like boob and nose jobs, facial contouring, face lift and chin augmentation.

Rose Clinic Chiang Mai – the clinic is located in Chiang Mai and offers a range of plastic surgeries, non-invasive cosmetic treatments and also patented stem cell treatments.

Take advantage of the low chin augmentation cost in Thailand, and book with Medical Departures for your procedure.


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